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13 JUNI 2015 / RUDE SKOV


Welcome to Nordic2015

HMTBK will gather all you good people in the Danish MTB society - This year for some new challenges. NORDIC 2015 will be a MTB race for 3-person teams as well as for solo riders. We will create 3 different loops and each loop shall be completed 4 times. NORDIC KIDZ is a racer for children and will be conducted on a forth loop. The race will take place

13 June 2015 in Rude Skov

Hørsholm Kongevej will be closed, and that allows us to combine the existing tracks in a completely new way. The race is limited to a maximum of 7 hours. Registration opens 15 January 2015.
We are looking forward to be welcoming you!

The start will be 11:00 and finish at latest 18:00.
A team shall complete each loop 4 times. We will arrange so that a team with 3 “normal riders” will need approximately 6 hours to complete. Each rider shall complete 4 loops. The team can decide the sequence to race the loops and which rider that completes the different loops. However, it is mandatory to change rider after each completed loop.

A team can e.g. choose to complete the first four loops on the same loop or a specific rider on a certain loop. Advantages may be obtained due to technical skills for that specific rider, weather conditions etc. A good strategy would maybe help saving time.

The winner is the team that completes the 12 loops in shortest time. If 12 rounds has not been completed before race is closed, the ranking will be number of loops completed and then shortest time. Race is closed after 7 hours.

We will also have a race for children – NORDIC KIDZ. This race will be on a forth loop with sharing the same start and finish. The race is for 3-person teams and for 4 hours (number of rounds will be set before start). The riders shall change after each loop completed and race every third round. The Kidz loop will be short and with limited technical challenges so that children with less experience and skills can join – maybe this will eb their first racing experience. The Children’s race will start 1 hour after start of the Adults race.